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Morning Reading – 8 Days to Go

[MAP] Nate Silver maps out a win for McCain that doesn’t go through Pennsylvania.
[MAP] Obama will spend his final week in six states where Bush won by an average of 9.2%.
[MAP] The Caucus moves Colorado from tossup to lean Obama; moves Indiana and Missouri from lean McCain to tossup. And The Fix predicts an Obama [...]


Western Values

One of the interesting things about American federalism is that regional issues often gain outsized influence in Washington.
Corn ethanol is now an integral part of American energy policy thanks to the Iowa caucuses. The Cuban trade embargo had withstood nine presidential administrations due to voters in South Florida. Outsourcing is a flashpoint issue [...]


Ambinder: Obama Must Win the West to Win the White House

On the heels of Barack Obama’s tour through the West, Marc Ambinder declares that the Illinois senator is going to have to spend a lot more time in the region if he’s hopes to reach the White House:
“The ONLY way, given the electoral college map that Obama is presented with, he can win the presidency [...]


Once Upon a Time in the West

Once upon a time the West was solid GOP territory, but in 2008, the Democrats hope to make the region competitive.
The Los Angeles Times and the Politico have very similar but interesting articles today about how the top presidential contenders for each party are campaigning throughout the West early this week.  Both Barack Obama and [...]


Look West, Young Scribes

Both Ben Smith and Chris Cillizza turned their backs to the East today — Smith wrote a quick note about the DNC’s memo about “McCain’s Problems in the West” and Cillizza wrote a post handicapping the Democratic primary in Montana. Both reporters anticipate that the region will be in play. “Except for Utah, those [...]


Candidates Hope to Redraw the Electoral Map

Which candidate can expand the electoral map: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?  Which one can win the red states that failed Al Gore and John Kerry and pull together a winning geographic coalition? 
These are some of the key questions that Democratic voters are asking as the two presidential hopefuls battle in out in primary [...]


McCain Hopes to Turn the Map Purple

Jonathan Martin has a great article up today about how the McCain camp plans to challenge the “red state/blue state paradigm.”  Writing from Exeter, N.H., Martin notes that McCain could shift the Granite State back into the Republican column, and possibly swing Maine and Connecticut – two states with independent heritages – while he’s at [...]


SurveyUSA Releases Polls in 50 States

SurveyUSA released a series of polls in all 50 states on Thursday that measure both John McCain against Hillary Clinton and McCain against Barack Obama. The results should be taken with a grain of salt considering SurveyUSA uses robocalls instead of live people, but the results are still fascinating.
The key takeaway is that either [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Beers and Brats Edition

Rocky Mountain Way

Barry Goldwater’s state is trending blue. [Reid Wilson]
McCain has a strong hand in the Rocky Mountain West. [Washington Post]

Here in Youngstown

Who won the “snowmobilers, bowlers, deer hunters and Packer fans?” [Salon's Edward McClellan]
White blue-collar men are the swing vote in the Dem primary. [Wall Street Journal]

Applebee’s America

Exurban blight in California. [Los Angeles Times]
Housing [...]


The Electoral Map Weekly Compass

The Electoral Map would like to introduce a new feature called the Weekly Compass.  It’ll include stories relating to the electoral map that aren’t big enough for a lengthy post, but are still important or interesting.
What do you think?  Is this informative or does it dilute the point of this blog?

Joel Kotkin explains why family-friendly [...]