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From the Teton Sioux to the Russians

“Confidential. Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives: The River Missouri and the Indians inhabiting it are not as well known as is desirable. An intelligent officer with 10 or 12 chosen men might explore the whole line, even to the Western Ocean. The appropriation of $2,500 would cover the undertaking.”
– [...]


Wally World Wanes?

After years of steamrolling competitors with ruthless efficiency, Wal-Mart might be suffering from the drag of its own weight. According to the Sacramento Bee, the world’s largest retailer is having trouble gaining a foothold in the world’s fifth largest economy, the Republic of California.
Wal-Mart faces a unique quadruplet of obstacles in California: Liberals who don’t [...]


Happy Columbian Exchange Day

As The Hotline so succinctly put it on Friday, “Say what you will about Columbus, he found us a day off.”
It goes without saying that he’s also responsible for a lot more. National Geographic had a great article in May 2007 about how Columbus’ discovery of the New World sparked unprecedented changes in ecosystems [...]