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Super Tuesday Maps

It’s been a busy week, but with the dust settled from Super Tuesday, we now have a clear picture of who won.
On the Democratic side, Barack Obama took 14 states to Hillary Clinton’s eight, although Hillary prevailed in more populous states like California and New York. The result was a near-tie: Hillary won 50.2 [...]


Delaware Electoral Map

Barack Obama beats Hillary Clinton decisively in New Castle County on his way to a 53-42% win statewide.  New Castle is the home of Wilmington and is the most urban county in Delaware.  If you look at the state, it gets more rural as you move down south.  The Almanac of American Politics has noted [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Post-Super Bowl, Pre-Super Tuesday Edition

A lot of stuff to cover today.

Each of the frontrunning GOP candidates has a primary in his home state tomorrow. [Politico]
Romney could win the popular vote in California, but loose the delegate count to McCain [The Barrometer]
It’s almost certain that Obama and Hillary will tie California’s delegates. [Trailhead]
Hillary gives Patriots fans a kick in the [...]


Super Tuesday Rundown: Northeastern and Midwestern States

Cross-posted at the Huffington Post.
And check out my rundown of Southern states here.
For the first time in modern American political history, there will be a nationwide primary on Tuesday, February 5. Many of 23 states that moved their primaries to earlier dates did so with the hopes of getting the kind of attention [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: “There Will be Brooms” Edition

Earlier this week, I expected the anti-John McCain factions in the GOP to make one last push. Call it a Battle of the Bulge-type offensive, to use a really bad analogy. Rush Limbaugh was supposed to turn up the heat, Citizens United was reported to be launching an anti-McCain ad buy and Human [...]