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RE: Reports of the Sun Belt’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Mark Schill at New Geography posts an interesting map that confirms my post below. He writes:
Here’s a quick map of the newly released May 2009 metropolitan area unemployment numbers. On this map, color signifies the rate in May 2009 and size of bubble indicates the rate point change since May of last year. Green dots [...]


Reports of the Sun Belt’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

A couple of very prominent national pundits have recently declared the Sun Belt to be in its “twilight.”  Atlantic contributor Richard Florida suggested that the region’s boom was a façade of “fictitious housing wealth,” and AP columnist Todd Lewin piggy-backed by predicting that “those Miracle-Gro states” will decay into the “stucco ghettos of the 21st [...]


Is the Sun Belt Really In Its “Twilight”?

The AP had a fascinating story yesterday asking, “Has twilight come to the Sun Belt?”  Citing the real estate meltdown, soaring unemployment, budget crises, water shortages and general economic stress, the column echoes Richard Florida’s suggestion that the boom was one “giant Ponzi scheme” and raises the questions:
“[Have we] witnessed the Rise and Fall of [...]


35 Counties Account for Half the Nation’s Foreclosures

According to this map from USA Today, 35 counties in the United States account for half the nation’s home foreclosures. Almost every one is in the Sun Belt besides a handful in the Midwest.
What is noteworthy, however, is that many of the areas hit the hardest voted for Bush in 2004 and then Obama in [...]