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A Sober Oktoberfest for Feingold

If you couldn’t make it to Munich for Oktoberfest, Wisconsin is a pretty good substitute. The state has the most dedicated beer-drinking population and has won some of the most awards in the nation for its brew, and Sheboygan is America’s bratwurst capital.
Indeed, Wisconsin has some of the highest concentrations of German descendants in America, [...]


Map of the Day: Upper Midwest had Best Census Participation Rate

Michael Barone wrote that Wisconsin is “solid country, a producer of milk, butter and cheese, Kleenex, Mercury outboard motors, and military trucks” (and is also the American birthplace of the Ottenhoff family). Wisconsinites are also apparently solid as a rock in mailing back their Census forms.
Wisconsin had the highest rate of Census participation before last [...]


Chuck Todd’s Latest Electoral Map: Obama 217, McCain 189

Chuck moves Oregon and New Jersey from “lean Obama” to “likely Obama” and moves Iowa from “toss-up” to “leans Obama.”
I’d say that’s about right. The Oregon and Iowa adjustments speak to Obama’s strength in the Upper Mississippi River Valley — or “the ‘region’ of Illinois,” as Chuck puts it — and in the Pacific [...]


The Five Places McCain Should Go

Cross-posted at The Next Right.
Politico’s Charlie Mahtesian and Amie Parnes wrote an article yesterday about the “Five Places Obama Should Go,” and four out of the five areas they identified were places where he struggled against Clinton: Broward County, FL (Jews), Youngstown, OH (blue-collar, gun-owning Catholics), San Antonio (Latinos) and Mingo Couny, WV (“the heart [...]


A Response to Soren Dayton’s “Map for Victory”

Soren Dayton posted a fascinating analysis at Red State last week detailing the ward-by-ward electoral map of Philadelphia and concluding that Barack Obama ’s poor performance in ethic Catholic neighborhoods might signal a “realignment that puts the Northeast and the Rust Belt back in play” (If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must-read and [...]


It’s Pronouned “Mill-e-wah-kEY”

Jay O’Callaghan, who runs the interesting and informative Yahoo! group ElectionWatcher2008, points us to these two fascinating Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel electoral maps:
According to the Journal-Sentinel:

Barack Obama won 12 of Milwaukee’s 15 aldermanic districts.
Obama “had a strong showing” in predominantly African-American districts.
Obama and Hillary Clinton split the 8th and 12th Districts, “which have sizable Hispanic populations.”
Clinton received [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Beers and Brats Edition

Rocky Mountain Way

Barry Goldwater’s state is trending blue. [Reid Wilson]
McCain has a strong hand in the Rocky Mountain West. [Washington Post]

Here in Youngstown

Who won the “snowmobilers, bowlers, deer hunters and Packer fans?” [Salon's Edward McClellan]
White blue-collar men are the swing vote in the Dem primary. [Wall Street Journal]

Applebee’s America

Exurban blight in California. [Los Angeles Times]
Housing [...]


Wisconsin Electoral Map

Thanks to American Airlines and a unexpected overnight stay at O’Hare, I haven’t had a chance to deeply delve into the Badger State results.  But one thing struck me as particularly noteworthy: Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton by nearly 60,000 votes (!) in Milwaukee, a town that is about as blue-collar and beer-swigging as there [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Nearing Tipping Point Edition

First things first. If you love political geography, you’ll love this article by Joel Kotkin in the Politico on Tuesday: Has Cali’s political sway fizzled?
Now, on to the rest of today’s Electoral Map news:
Potomac Primary Fallout

Virginia will be in play this fall. [Washington Post]
Obama won counties in Virginia as white as a Word document. [Talk [...]


Will John McCain Paint the Map Red?

John Fund sure thinks so. In a Wall Street Journal column from Monday (that I put off until day because of the Potomac Primary), Fund explains how McCain gets to 270:

New Hampshire: “The Granite State went only narrowly to Mr. Kerry, a senator from a neighboring state, and Mr. McCain has unique advantages there. New [...]