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Secessionists Go Online

Can you imagine Robert E. Lee writing a blog?
Of course not – It’s hard to imagine the Marble Man hacking away at a Blackberry, or even for that matter broadcasting his daily routines to the mass communication device of that day – a newspaper.
But these days, a few secessionist movements have decided that the best [...]


Super Tuesday II

The Electoral Map will have Super Tuesday II results as soon as they’re available.  McCain is cruising to big victories in Texas and Ohio, and according to Huck –  who is giving his concession speech as I type this – the Arizona senator “will achieve the 1,191 delegates to become the Republican nominee.”
On the Dem [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: NASCAR Dads for Hillary

In today’s must-read, The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait looks at the Clintons new-found disdain for latte liberals — the same Silicon Valley and Fairfield County Democrats that they so thoroughly wooed in Bill’s second term. Here’s an excerpt:
“Clinton’s embrace of working-class chic has been a way of making virtue out of necessity. Being the [...]