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Chuck Todd’s Latest Electoral Map: Obama 217, McCain 189

Chuck moves Oregon and New Jersey from “lean Obama” to “likely Obama” and moves Iowa from “toss-up” to “leans Obama.”
I’d say that’s about right. The Oregon and Iowa adjustments speak to Obama’s strength in the Upper Mississippi River Valley — or “the ‘region’ of Illinois,” as Chuck puts it — and in the Pacific [...]


Obama Wins Oregon, Clinton Takes Kentucky

As we expected, Hillary Clinton racked up huge margins of victory in Appalachian Kentucky and along the Ohio River Valley, and Barack Obama won the urban center of Louisville and the college town of Lexington.
Kentucky Electoral Map (New York Times)

In Oregon, a state that the Politico declared was “tailor-made” for Obama, the Illinois senator beat [...]


OREGON: Where Ax Men Meet Prius Drivers

Poblano at FiveThirtyEight.com has a great post about the electoral dynamics in the Land of Nike, a place where Prius-driving liberals mix with conservative, blue collar ax men.
“The liberals in Oregon are as liberal as any in the country, whereas the conservatives are as conservative as any in the country,” Poblono explains. “This is how [...]


Will John McCain Paint the Map Red?

John Fund sure thinks so. In a Wall Street Journal column from Monday (that I put off until day because of the Potomac Primary), Fund explains how McCain gets to 270:

New Hampshire: “The Granite State went only narrowly to Mr. Kerry, a senator from a neighboring state, and Mr. McCain has unique advantages there. New [...]