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“State Sovereignty” Resolutions Increasingly Popular

A trio of Nebraska state senators are worried that the “federal government is overstepping its bounds,” and have introduced a resolution to reaffirm “state sovereignty,” according to the Omaha World-Herald.  I thought it was interesting, but a sentence about halfway down the article really caught my eye:
Seven states passed resolutions this year affirming their sovereignty, [...]


A Very Red Christmas in Oklahoma

One group of voters who certainly didn’t attend the Inauguration yesterday were Oklahoma Republicans. The Sooner State was Barack Obama’s worst state and one where he actually fell off the Democratic performance from 2004. To celebrate their accomplishment, the Oklahoma GOP sent out a Christmas card boasting a red map of the [...]


NBC News Calls Pennsylvania for Obama

Already?! Before a single vote has been counted?!
They also call all of New England — including New Hampshire — New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Illinoins for Obama; and call South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Oklahoma for McCain.


Is Oklahoma a Plains or Southern State?

And does it have implications for the John McCain campaign?
The interesting divide here is that McCain won the western, plains part of the state while Mike Huckabee won the eastern part, which might as well be Dixie.
One more thing: McCain won voters older than 45, and Huck won voters younger than 45.
Oklahoma Republican Electoral Map [...]