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Who is In Charge of the Map at the NRCC?

The Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that the NRCC sent out a press release on Monday hitting Rep. Glenn Nye, Democrat from Tidewater Virginia, for screwing over the taxpayers of New Mexico:
“If New Mexico taxpayers thoughts they had seen the worst of Glenn Nye’s fiscal recklessness, today’s White House budget proposal makes it clear that [...]


Morning Reading – 7 Days to Go

[MAP] New cartograms showing a sea of blue.
[PA-22] Dems in a “downtrodden [town] overlooking the Allegheny River” struggle with voting for Obama. Elsewhere, Clinton stronghold Carbondale has warmed up to him.
[NC-15] Draw a line down the North Carolina map. Obama will win the East; McCain will win the West.
[VA-13] Prince William County will [...]


The Election Will Hinge on Colorado and New Mexico

If someone held a gun to my head and made me predict the election outcome today, I’d say that every state will vote for the same party it voted for in 2004 with a few exceptions. Iowa will flip to blue; I’m pretty sure about that.
New Mexico and Colorado I’m not so sure about. [...]


Once Upon a Time in the West

Once upon a time the West was solid GOP territory, but in 2008, the Democrats hope to make the region competitive.
The Los Angeles Times and the Politico have very similar but interesting articles today about how the top presidential contenders for each party are campaigning throughout the West early this week.  Both Barack Obama and [...]


Navigating the “Southwest Passage”

In a fascinating article in The American Prospect today, Tom Schaller dissects whether or not John McCain will thwart the Democrats’ hopes to capture the southwest in 2008. He makes the usual key points that McCain has good name recognition in the West and has a good rep with Hispanics.
But Schaller also adds some [...]


Candidates Hope to Redraw the Electoral Map

Which candidate can expand the electoral map: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?  Which one can win the red states that failed Al Gore and John Kerry and pull together a winning geographic coalition? 
These are some of the key questions that Democratic voters are asking as the two presidential hopefuls battle in out in primary [...]


Cillizza to Begin Rating Top 10 States Most Likely to Flip

The Fix’s Chris Cillizza announced on Friday that he’s going to begin dedicating his Friday Line to rating which states are most likely to flip from red to blue (or vice versa) in the presidential election.  In last week’s Line, Cillizza offered his base-Line and predicted that eight of the 10 states most likely to [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Post-Super Bowl, Pre-Super Tuesday Edition

A lot of stuff to cover today.

Each of the frontrunning GOP candidates has a primary in his home state tomorrow. [Politico]
Romney could win the popular vote in California, but loose the delegate count to McCain [The Barrometer]
It’s almost certain that Obama and Hillary will tie California’s delegates. [Trailhead]
Hillary gives Patriots fans a kick in the [...]


It’s “Prediction Time” at National Review Online

The National Review Online team had some fun on Tuesday predicting what the electoral map will look like one year from today.  Here are some highlights:

NRO staff writer David Fredoso: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will lose the presidency to Sen. Hillary Clinton (D).  Clinton will win a 48-percent plurality…. [She] will win by [...]


Democrats and a Southwestern Strategy

Simon Rosenberg and Pete Leyden believe that Democrts could be poised for a generation takeover, much in the same way that FDR ushered in a new era in 1932 and Ronald Reagan redrew the map in 1980. In the latest issue of Mother Jones, the two Democratic strategist lay out their blueprint for that new [...]