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Morning Reading – 7 Days to Go

[MAP] New cartograms showing a sea of blue.
[PA-22] Dems in a “downtrodden [town] overlooking the Allegheny River” struggle with voting for Obama. Elsewhere, Clinton stronghold Carbondale has warmed up to him.
[NC-15] Draw a line down the North Carolina map. Obama will win the East; McCain will win the West.
[VA-13] Prince William County will [...]


Montanans Waking Up to Their Status as a Swing State

In the wake of a Montana State University-Billings poll [PDF] released last Thursday showing Obama up 44-40%, the Great Falls Tribune wonders whether Big Sky Country could really go blue.
Tribune reporter John Adams does a good job of laying the poll on the table and then getting quotes from both sides, but he also implies [...]


Obama Running Ahead of Kerry in 41 States

Governing.com’s Josh Goodman has a good look at how Barack Obama is running ahead of where John Kerry was four years ago today in 41 states, according to data from Pollster.com.
It’s not surprising considering that Bush is about as popular as the Dallas Cowboys at a Redskins game and considering the fact that Obama makes [...]


Obama’s Anti-Kerry Strategy = Genius

In an interview with Politico’s Ben Smith published this morning, Obama field director Steve Hildebrand vowed that their team would be spending a lot of time and money in Bush country this Fall. He named 14 red states, some of which were close in 2004 and some of which Kerry didn’t even consider, and [...]


South Dakota and Montana Electoral Maps

Once again, Nick Beaudrot comes through with some of the best and sharpest electoral maps in the blogosphere.  Since I’ve never been to South Dakota and I’ve only visited the ski towns of northwest Montana, I’ll leave the analysis with Nick:
Dissecting the Mt. Rushmore State primary, he notes “Obama didn’t win the counties that include [...]


Look West, Young Scribes

Both Ben Smith and Chris Cillizza turned their backs to the East today — Smith wrote a quick note about the DNC’s memo about “McCain’s Problems in the West” and Cillizza wrote a post handicapping the Democratic primary in Montana. Both reporters anticipate that the region will be in play. “Except for Utah, those [...]


The Electoral Map Weekly Compass

The Electoral Map would like to introduce a new feature called the Weekly Compass.  It’ll include stories relating to the electoral map that aren’t big enough for a lengthy post, but are still important or interesting.
What do you think?  Is this informative or does it dilute the point of this blog?

Joel Kotkin explains why family-friendly [...]