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Attitude and Longitude of the Blue Dogs

The Blue Dogs have been in the news a lot recently mostly because they’re the pivotal voting block on the health care legislation, and they’ve been particularly talked about by the Kos Kidz and all of the liberal blogs who are busting out poll after poll measuring support of the public option in Blue Dog [...]


Chuck Todd’s Latest Electoral Map: Obama 217, McCain 189

Chuck moves Oregon and New Jersey from “lean Obama” to “likely Obama” and moves Iowa from “toss-up” to “leans Obama.”
I’d say that’s about right. The Oregon and Iowa adjustments speak to Obama’s strength in the Upper Mississippi River Valley — or “the ‘region’ of Illinois,” as Chuck puts it — and in the Pacific [...]


The Wealthiest States Trending Democratic

The Post had a great article over the weekend about what it called the nation’s “New Political Geography“: poorer, rural areas trending from the Dems to the GOP and more affluent metro areas trending from the red to blue.
It’s a well-documented phenomenon, but I think the Post has some unique and interesting features that are [...]


Cillizza to Begin Rating Top 10 States Most Likely to Flip

The Fix’s Chris Cillizza announced on Friday that he’s going to begin dedicating his Friday Line to rating which states are most likely to flip from red to blue (or vice versa) in the presidential election.  In last week’s Line, Cillizza offered his base-Line and predicted that eight of the 10 states most likely to [...]


Super Tuesday Maps

It’s been a busy week, but with the dust settled from Super Tuesday, we now have a clear picture of who won.
On the Democratic side, Barack Obama took 14 states to Hillary Clinton’s eight, although Hillary prevailed in more populous states like California and New York. The result was a near-tie: Hillary won 50.2 [...]


The Show-Me State Comes Through

Missouri takes its politics seriously. Not only has it picked the correct presidential candidate since 1900 (besides 1956), but tonight both the Democratic and Republican contests are too close to call. As all eyes focus on Missouri, the state can be proud that it has one of the best Secretary of State web [...]


The Times Looks at Three Key States

The Times’ examines New Jersey, Missouri and California.
On the Dem side, I expect Hillary Clinton to win New Jersey based on the backs of the Carmello Soprano vote; Hillary to win Missouri by a hair; and Hillary to take about 51 to 54 percent in California, but for the delegates to be split.
On the GOP [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Post-Super Bowl, Pre-Super Tuesday Edition

A lot of stuff to cover today.

Each of the frontrunning GOP candidates has a primary in his home state tomorrow. [Politico]
Romney could win the popular vote in California, but loose the delegate count to McCain [The Barrometer]
It’s almost certain that Obama and Hillary will tie California’s delegates. [Trailhead]
Hillary gives Patriots fans a kick in the [...]


Super Tuesday Rundown: Northeastern and Midwestern States

Cross-posted at the Huffington Post.
And check out my rundown of Southern states here.
For the first time in modern American political history, there will be a nationwide primary on Tuesday, February 5. Many of 23 states that moved their primaries to earlier dates did so with the hopes of getting the kind of attention [...]


It’s “Prediction Time” at National Review Online

The National Review Online team had some fun on Tuesday predicting what the electoral map will look like one year from today.  Here are some highlights:

NRO staff writer David Fredoso: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will lose the presidency to Sen. Hillary Clinton (D).  Clinton will win a 48-percent plurality…. [She] will win by [...]