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An Oil Slick in Hurricane Alley

If you were anywhere outside in the DC area this weekend, you know that summer is officially upon us.  And that means that in the next few months, it’ll be thunderstorm season around the mid-Atlantic and hurricane season in the Gulf. One of the many devastating aspects of the oil spill has been that it’s […]


Map of the Day: What Would Willie Talos Do?

The seed money for Bubba Gump Shrimp Company came from $25,000 in profits from ping-pong paddle sales.  But many other small business that rely on the Gulf’s  natural resources don’t have this kind cash flow and are going to take a huge hit from the BP oil spill. In a gloomy report called “Oil Slickonomics,” […]


Schaller Leans Too Much on Numbers to Suggest Dems Can’t Win the South

Tom Schaller has a solid column in the New York Times today arguing exactly the opposite of what the paper has suggested repeatedly — that Obama can win deep red states in the old Confederacy by inspiring and mobilizing unprecedented African-American turnout. In his piece “The South Will Fall Again,” he dispels two popular myths […]


Could Obama Really Win a State in the South?

If Barack Obama wins any of the states in the former Confederacy, it’ll probably be Virginia or North Carolina. But a few analysts have suggested that he could boost African-African turnout across the rest of the south — the Deep South, mind you — to make some really red states competitive. Chuck Todd and Marc […]


Could Mississippi be a Swing State?

Chuck Todd suggests the Magnolia State could be contested this November if Barack Obama is the nominee.  Via First Read: “Mississippi is one of those rare Southern states that might be in play in the general election if Obama becomes the nominee. One Dem statistician tells First Read that there are three red states that […]