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Morning Reading List – 12 Days To Go

The Big Ten Battleground Poll has Obama sweeping from Happy Valley to the Metrodome.
The Q-Poll has Obama up in the Big 3 and leading by double-digits in Buckeyes and Nittany Lions country.
Robert David Sullivan releases his 10 regions of American Politics in 2008.
Charlie Mathesian maps out McCain’s victory in the Keystone State.
An Obama internal shows [...]


Minnesota’s Disparity of Wealth

As Republicans descend on St. Paul for their convention, one of the major themes being pushed by Democrats is that the GOP is out of touch and unaware of the economic travails of ordinary Americans. McCain’s I-can’t-count-all-my-houses snafu certainly doesn’t help them debunk those criticisms.
So with those arguments as a backdrop, it’s interesting to [...]


Twins, but Not Identical

Patrick Gavin at FishbowlDC has an interesting Tweet up this hour about the Twin Cities:
“Diff btw st. Paul and mpls? Says one st. Paulie: ‘we’re both regular midwestern towns. It’s just that st. Paul recognizes that fact.’ #rnc08″
Follow all other Tweets from St. Paul and #RNC08 at the C-SPAN Convention Hub.


Golden Gopher

Barack Obama will deliver his victory speech tonight in Minneapolis’ XCel Energy Center, the same arena where John McCain will accept the GOP nomination this summer.
Is it a coincidence?
I doubt it. The Gopher State was once reliably blue and as recently as 1988 ranked 6th in Democratic performance. But in 2004, John Kerry [...]


A Response to Soren Dayton’s “Map for Victory”

Soren Dayton posted a fascinating analysis at Red State last week detailing the ward-by-ward electoral map of Philadelphia and concluding that Barack Obama ’s poor performance in ethic Catholic neighborhoods might signal a “realignment that puts the Northeast and the Rust Belt back in play” (If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must-read and [...]


Cillizza to Begin Rating Top 10 States Most Likely to Flip

The Fix’s Chris Cillizza announced on Friday that he’s going to begin dedicating his Friday Line to rating which states are most likely to flip from red to blue (or vice versa) in the presidential election.  In last week’s Line, Cillizza offered his base-Line and predicted that eight of the 10 states most likely to [...]


Will John McCain Paint the Map Red?

John Fund sure thinks so. In a Wall Street Journal column from Monday (that I put off until day because of the Potomac Primary), Fund explains how McCain gets to 270:

New Hampshire: “The Granite State went only narrowly to Mr. Kerry, a senator from a neighboring state, and Mr. McCain has unique advantages there. New [...]


Super Tuesday Rundown: Northeastern and Midwestern States

Cross-posted at the Huffington Post.
And check out my rundown of Southern states here.
For the first time in modern American political history, there will be a nationwide primary on Tuesday, February 5. Many of 23 states that moved their primaries to earlier dates did so with the hopes of getting the kind of attention [...]