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All Politics is Local… Until There’s a National Vote

Massachusetts became the sixth state today to approve a measure that would award all of its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote.   So far, six blue states with 71 cumulative electoral votes have signed on.
Proponents of the measure argue that every single citizen’s vote should count, not just those [...]


Massachusetts Electoral Map

Robert David Sullivan is the top expert on political geography in the Bay State, so I’m going to use his “10 Regions of Massachusetts Politics” to interpret Scott Brown’s 52-47% special election win over Martha Coakley today.
Brown’s winning coalition included:
– Stables & Suburbia, “centering on Cape Ann and Essex County”
– Post-Industria, “which takes in the [...]


What You Need to Know about the Massachusetts Electoral Map

A friend of mine who grew up in Boston and Rhode Island IM’ed me today about the special election in  Massachusetts today between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown.  “Not sure where all these MA Republicans came from,” he wrote.
Most people — even most Bay Staters — often think that Massachusetts is a blue across the [...]


Republicans Winning the Land of Liberals and Lobster Would be Like…

… Democrats winning a special election in Alabama.
Massachusetts has 6.6 million people and gave Barack Obama 62% of the vote in 2008.  Alabama has 4.7 million people and gave John McCain 61%.
Mass is  liberals, lobster, and Kennedys. Alabama is conservatives, cotton, and Talladega.   Culturally and politically, they are opposites.
So if Scott Brown (R) wins today [...]


The Week in Political Geography: Flanel Shirt Country

My fellow political cartographers – Sorry for the sparse posting recently.  It’s been busy at New Media Strategies with an end of the year push, and most of my political geography time and resources have been devoted to @The_Almanac and major National Journal story I’m writing with Cook Report’s Dave Wasserman about southwest Virginia.
I promise [...]