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Political DNA of Maryland

Maryland’s political geography is like a softshell crab sandwich: You have two buns that are Republicans areas in western Maryland and the Eastern Shore and then in between you have the lump meat that is the dense Democratic area from metro Baltimore to the Washington suburbs.  Eaten as a whole, the state is one of [...]


Even the Steelers Can’t Rescue Pittsburgh

Well, I don’t exactly believe that Steel City needs rescuing, but that’s the basic gist of Jerry Bowyer’s recent column in the Wall Street Journal. While I don’t particularly agree with Bowyer’s central premise that taxpayer-funded stadiums do not serve their intended purpose of reinvigorating city’s “cores,” I do think it’s a smart article and [...]


NBC News Calls Pennsylvania for Obama

Already?! Before a single vote has been counted?!
They also call all of New England — including New Hampshire — New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Illinoins for Obama; and call South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Oklahoma for McCain.


Happy Birthday Maryland!

Maryland celebrates its 300th birthday today, according to National Geographic. While Maryland may not be the cradle of presidents and generals that the mighty commonwealth of Virginia is, it did inspire The Wire. So we congratulate you, Maryland. Happy Birthday.


Who Will Ben Bradlee Vote For?

Once again, the Washington Post has a great map in its Political Geography feature, except this time it’s even better because the DMV primary (that’s DC-MD-VA) is right in their backyard. This is what the Post says about where the candidates have to do well:

Mike Huckabee needs to win Evangelicals and might find fertile [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Chesapeake Primary Edition

A lot of stuff to report, so I’ll just make one quick comment about tomorrow’s Chesapeake primary: In no way is the great 401-year-old commonwealth of Virginia anything like the suburban strip between Baltimore and Washington that is known as Maryland. A number of pollsters, pundits and demographers — most notoriously Brad Coker — [...]


South of the Mason-Dixon Line, North of the Confederacy

Maryland’s awkward geographic location south of the Mason-Dixon Line but North of the Confederacy earned it the moniker the “Middle Temperament.” Most of the state has a Northern tilt, but the Eastern Shore sometimes seems as Southern as any state in the old Confederacy.
In fact, the Eastern Shore was home to two [...]