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The Week in Electoral Maps

No fancy maps today, just the Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Arkansas primary maps for your records.  It took a Canadian blog called World Elections to produce these great ones (which should come as a challenge to all American cartographers and political junkies).
In “the alcoholic republic,” on the Democratic side, Jack Conway cleaned up in the Louisville [...]


The Battle for Westsylvania

Voters across the state of Westsylvania go to the polls today to select their nominees for the U.S. Senate and to chose a successor to the late Rep. John Murtha. Where, you may ask, is Westsylvania? It was the proposed 14th colony in the western mountains of Virginia and Pennsylvania, whose borders would [...]


Map of the Day: Democrats On Notice in Clintonian Belt

One of the best predictors of Democrats’ fortunes in the Fall is the ole Clinton vs. Obama electoral map.  Incumbents in what can be called the Clintonian Belt are on notice.  Last week, 18-year Rep. Alan Mollohan (D) was defeated in a primary in northern West Virginia, a state where Clinton won with 67%.
On Tuesday, [...]


NBC News Calls Pennsylvania for Obama

Already?! Before a single vote has been counted?!
They also call all of New England — including New Hampshire — New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Illinoins for Obama; and call South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Oklahoma for McCain.


Obama Wins Oregon, Clinton Takes Kentucky

As we expected, Hillary Clinton racked up huge margins of victory in Appalachian Kentucky and along the Ohio River Valley, and Barack Obama won the urban center of Louisville and the college town of Lexington.
Kentucky Electoral Map (New York Times)

In Oregon, a state that the Politico declared was “tailor-made” for Obama, the Illinois senator beat [...]


Obama’s Geography Lesson

Ann Althouse notes some botched geography from Barack Obama and gives him a quick lesson. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, this is what the Illinois senator has to say about his likely loss in the Bluegrass State:
“‘What it says is that I’m not very well known in that part of the country,’ Obama said. [...]


The Electoral Map Weekly Compass

The Electoral Map would like to introduce a new feature called the Weekly Compass.  It’ll include stories relating to the electoral map that aren’t big enough for a lengthy post, but are still important or interesting.
What do you think?  Is this informative or does it dilute the point of this blog?

Joel Kotkin explains why family-friendly [...]