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Super Tuesday Maps

It’s been a busy week, but with the dust settled from Super Tuesday, we now have a clear picture of who won.
On the Democratic side, Barack Obama took 14 states to Hillary Clinton’s eight, although Hillary prevailed in more populous states like California and New York. The result was a near-tie: Hillary won 50.2 [...]


Huck Looks for the SEC Sweep

From Mike Hucakbee during his press conference:
“It’s tough for this ole Razorback to say things like ‘Roll, Tide, Roll,’ but I’m doing it tonight. And it’s tough for this ole Razorback to look over there at the state just to the East of us and say that ‘We’re, too, Volunteers.’ I think before the [...]


Mormon Backlash down South?

Via Jonathan Martin.

Romney is lagging far behind McCain and Huck in the rural counties.
But he’s winning the suburbs and exurbs around Nashville and Atlanta. Places like Forsyth Co (GA) and Williamson Co (TN).
Why the difference?
As anybody from these states can tell you, these areas are demographically different than everywhere else.
They’re conservative and reliably Republican, but [...]


The Democratic Party: Where All the Kids Are Above Average?

NBC Political Director/my former boss Chuck Todd reports that the Obama people say they are “preforming ahead of pace” in Georgia and Illinois where they’ve claimed 170+ delegates, and the Clinton camp is pleased with the results in Arkansas and Massachusetts.


Southern Governors and Natural Disasters

On this day in 1861, a late season hurricane slammed into a fleet of U.S. Navy warships assembled off the Georgia and Carolina coast. It was the largest armada ever assembled to date and it had steamed South to blockade Rebel ports as part of U.S. General Winfield Scott’s Anaconda Plan to snake around [...]