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DC Mayoral Primary Highlights Cultural and Racial Divides

The District of Columbia is a blanket of blue on the electoral map, but the 2010 Democratic primary for mayor revealed some cultural and racial divides that are as sharp as any of the states south of the Potomac.
Mayor Fenty won all the white areas and ran well in Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Woodley Park, Cleveland [...]


Hyde Park on the Potomac?

The old quip about Obama’s home neighborhood of Hyde Park is that it is a community of blacks and whites, living together, united against the poor. The premise of the joke is of course that it’s a diverse community of high-income liberals.
While Hyde Park is certainly unique in the American landsccape, it turns out that [...]


A Black Cloud over Washington

The map you’re looking at is not the creative work of an overzealous redistricting committee.  It’s the outline of the BP oil spill superimposed over Washington.  In a way, the spill has been hanging over the head of the White House the last few weeks and is increasingly sticking to them the way it is [...]


The Week in Political Geography: Flanel Shirt Country

My fellow political cartographers – Sorry for the sparse posting recently.  It’s been busy at New Media Strategies with an end of the year push, and most of my political geography time and resources have been devoted to @The_Almanac and major National Journal story I’m writing with Cook Report’s Dave Wasserman about southwest Virginia.
I promise [...]


Is DC a Suburb of NY?

Will Smith at NBC-4 in Washington links to an interview with Richard Florida on NPR. Florida, you might remember, wrote the insightful Atlantic piece “How the Crash Will Reshape America.”
The article was fascinating, but in my opinion, one of his claims is wildly off-base:
“Part of Washington DC’s resurgence is not just that it’s a [...]


Obamas Wins From Foxhall to Fort Dupont

Our friends at DCist have a great map showing that Barack Obama won every precinct in the District. DCist blogger Adam Bailey writes:

“Though the map may appear as if Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) did well in many Northwest neighborhoods, she only managed to keep Obama under 60 percent of the vote in ten precincts. [...]