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A Republican Resurgence in George H.W. Bush States?

George W. Bush unveiled plans this week for his presidential library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and according to architects’ renditions, it will have a front yard that is designed to look like a prairie.  Judging by the imagery surrounding W., one would think that his forefathers fought at the Alamo.
But as most astute [...]


NBC News Calls Pennsylvania for Obama

Already?! Before a single vote has been counted?!
They also call all of New England — including New Hampshire — New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Illinoins for Obama; and call South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Oklahoma for McCain.


Delaware Electoral Map

Barack Obama beats Hillary Clinton decisively in New Castle County on his way to a 53-42% win statewide.  New Castle is the home of Wilmington and is the most urban county in Delaware.  If you look at the state, it gets more rural as you move down south.  The Almanac of American Politics has noted [...]


The Metroliner Candidate

John McCain takes Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Delaware.
Amtrak’s Metroliner


Is Colorado the New Delaware? The New Missouri?

They used to say that so goes Delaware goes the nation. Well, I’ve never heard that exact saying, but the First State voted for the winning presidential candidate from 1952 to 1996.
It was always a swing state because Delaware, despite what Wayne and Garth said, had a little something of everything — a Northeastern-style [...]