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Is DC a Suburb of NY?

Will Smith at NBC-4 in Washington links to an interview with Richard Florida on NPR. Florida, you might remember, wrote the insightful Atlantic piece “How the Crash Will Reshape America.”
The article was fascinating, but in my opinion, one of his claims is wildly off-base:
“Part of Washington DC’s resurgence is not just that it’s a [...]


Even the Steelers Can’t Rescue Pittsburgh

Well, I don’t exactly believe that Steel City needs rescuing, but that’s the basic gist of Jerry Bowyer’s recent column in the Wall Street Journal. While I don’t particularly agree with Bowyer’s central premise that taxpayer-funded stadiums do not serve their intended purpose of reinvigorating city’s “cores,” I do think it’s a smart article and [...]


All of the Electoral Maps Come Down to This

Electoral maps tell a story, and the story of the 2008 campaign will come to fruition today when Barack Obama is inaugurated 44th president of the United States.
For all of the maps I’ve posted from Iowa and New Hampshire in January, to Florida and Ohio in November, this map of today’s inauguration proceedings is the [...]