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Republican 2012 Convention Short List: Tampa, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Houston

The RNC’s short list of possible sites for the 2012 convention is down to Tampa, Phoenix and Salt Lake City (UPDATE: Hotline OnCall’s Reid Wilson’s is reporting that Houston is also in the running).  The committee will reportedly make a decision in late summer of 2010.  Convention committees often look at number of factors in [...]


The Week in Political Geography: Flanel Shirt Country

My fellow political cartographers – Sorry for the sparse posting recently.  It’s been busy at New Media Strategies with an end of the year push, and most of my political geography time and resources have been devoted to @The_Almanac and major National Journal story I’m writing with Cook Report’s Dave Wasserman about southwest Virginia.
I promise [...]


The Week in Political Geography: Jackonsian Belt

Democrats are in big trouble in the Jacksonian Belt stretching from southern Pennsylvania through Appalachia to Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma.
Redistricting post-Katrina Louisiana is going to be a mess.
The geography of smoking: Utah and West Virginia bookend the spectrum.
A map ranking, er, Californiaishness.
The Bay Area is shrinking and Pelosi has the smallest district in the state. [...]


Astonishing Stat of the Day

H/T Barry Ritholtz:
Just 6 states account for 62% of US total foreclosures:  California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois and Michigan are the leading states in terms of receiving foreclosure filings. As the chart above shows, California, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada have the greatest foreclosure activity.
For what it’s worth, five out of six, with the exception of [...]


Morning Reading – 7 Days to Go

[MAP] New cartograms showing a sea of blue.
[PA-22] Dems in a “downtrodden [town] overlooking the Allegheny River” struggle with voting for Obama. Elsewhere, Clinton stronghold Carbondale has warmed up to him.
[NC-15] Draw a line down the North Carolina map. Obama will win the East; McCain will win the West.
[VA-13] Prince William County will [...]


The Five Places McCain Should Go

Cross-posted at The Next Right.
Politico’s Charlie Mahtesian and Amie Parnes wrote an article yesterday about the “Five Places Obama Should Go,” and four out of the five areas they identified were places where he struggled against Clinton: Broward County, FL (Jews), Youngstown, OH (blue-collar, gun-owning Catholics), San Antonio (Latinos) and Mingo Couny, WV (“the heart [...]


Some Ocean Front Property in Arizona

If you buy the McCain camp’s suggestion that his home state is going to be a battelground this Fall, then to use the words of George Straight, “I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona / From my front porch you can see the sea / I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona / [...]


Navigating the “Southwest Passage”

In a fascinating article in The American Prospect today, Tom Schaller dissects whether or not John McCain will thwart the Democrats’ hopes to capture the southwest in 2008. He makes the usual key points that McCain has good name recognition in the West and has a good rep with Hispanics.
But Schaller also adds some [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Beers and Brats Edition

Rocky Mountain Way

Barry Goldwater’s state is trending blue. [Reid Wilson]
McCain has a strong hand in the Rocky Mountain West. [Washington Post]

Here in Youngstown

Who won the “snowmobilers, bowlers, deer hunters and Packer fans?” [Salon's Edward McClellan]
White blue-collar men are the swing vote in the Dem primary. [Wall Street Journal]

Applebee’s America

Exurban blight in California. [Los Angeles Times]
Housing [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Post-Super Bowl, Pre-Super Tuesday Edition

A lot of stuff to cover today.

Each of the frontrunning GOP candidates has a primary in his home state tomorrow. [Politico]
Romney could win the popular vote in California, but loose the delegate count to McCain [The Barrometer]
It’s almost certain that Obama and Hillary will tie California’s delegates. [Trailhead]
Hillary gives Patriots fans a kick in the [...]