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The Defense of Alaska

From the Russians to Lisa Murkowski, it’s never been easy to defend Alaska.
On this day in 1867, the Russians likely gazed across their backyard and  breathed a sigh of relief that the United States was taking over the great land mass across the Bering Straight.  Alaska had become a liability to the Russians, who feared [...]


Map of the Day: Oil Fields Now Open for Exploration

[Source: New York Times]
Does President Obama’s call to authorize oil exploration off the Southern coast and in Alaska help him in those states?  Marginally. Maybe in Virginia and Alaska; probably not in Florida.
Does it help him nationally with voters? Most definitely.


“State Sovereignty” Resolutions Increasingly Popular

A trio of Nebraska state senators are worried that the “federal government is overstepping its bounds,” and have introduced a resolution to reaffirm “state sovereignty,” according to the Omaha World-Herald.  I thought it was interesting, but a sentence about halfway down the article really caught my eye:
Seven states passed resolutions this year affirming their sovereignty, [...]


Secessionists Go Online

Can you imagine Robert E. Lee writing a blog?
Of course not – It’s hard to imagine the Marble Man hacking away at a Blackberry, or even for that matter broadcasting his daily routines to the mass communication device of that day – a newspaper.
But these days, a few secessionist movements have decided that the best [...]


Obama Running Ahead of Kerry in 41 States

Governing.com’s Josh Goodman has a good look at how Barack Obama is running ahead of where John Kerry was four years ago today in 41 states, according to data from Pollster.com.
It’s not surprising considering that Bush is about as popular as the Dallas Cowboys at a Redskins game and considering the fact that Obama makes [...]


Obama’s Anti-Kerry Strategy = Genius

In an interview with Politico’s Ben Smith published this morning, Obama field director Steve Hildebrand vowed that their team would be spending a lot of time and money in Bush country this Fall. He named 14 red states, some of which were close in 2004 and some of which Kerry didn’t even consider, and [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass

The Daily Compass is back!

ALASKA: Nate Silver lays out the argument for an Obama trip to Alaska [FiveThirtyEight.com]
GEORGIA: InsiderAdvantage has Obama tied with McCain [Southern Political Report]
IOWA: McCain and Bush tour the Hawkeye State 60 miles apart [New York Times]
IOWA: SurveyUSA says Obama/Webb is the strongest Democratic ticket; McCain/Bloomberg is the best GOP one [Race [...]


McCain is Older than Alaska

This isn’t really related to the 2008 electoral map, but it is at the intersection of politics and geography and that what’s this blog’s all about.
Via ThingsYoungerThanMccain.com:
“Alaska – the freaking state – is younger than John McCain. And, for that matter, so is Hawaii. McCain is older than two of the fifty states.”
A pop-shot at [...]