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Even the Steelers Can’t Rescue Pittsburgh

Well, I don’t exactly believe that Steel City needs rescuing, but that’s the basic gist of Jerry Bowyer’s recent column in the Wall Street Journal. While I don’t particularly agree with Bowyer’s central premise that taxpayer-funded stadiums do not serve their intended purpose of reinvigorating city’s “cores,” I do think it’s a smart article and [...]


Shad Planking Today!

I’m headed down to Southside today for the Shad Planking.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the event, Jonathan Martin’s 2006 writeup sums it up best:
WAKEFIELD, VA — As it does every third Wednesday in April, VA’s political epicenter moved 40 miles east from Richmond to the piney woods outside of this small [...]


Does Chicago’s Orbit Extend to Iowa?

Ben Tribbett at the indispensable, insightful and indubitable Not Larry Sabato blog suspects that Barack Obama’s success in the vote-rich eastern belt of Iowa “had more to do with proximity to Illinois than it did with the candidates.”
It’s true that eastern Iowa is very much in Chicago’s orbit. Former Speaker Dennis Haster (R-Ill.), for [...]


The Electoral Map Weekly Compass

The Electoral Map would like to introduce a new feature called the Weekly Compass.  It’ll include stories relating to the electoral map that aren’t big enough for a lengthy post, but are still important or interesting.
What do you think?  Is this informative or does it dilute the point of this blog?

Joel Kotkin explains why family-friendly [...]


Red Sox Nation To Put Politics On Hold

NBC/National Journal’s Mike Memoli makes a great point about the Red Sox effect in New Hampshire: It’ll almost be pointless for the presidential candidates to campaign in the state while the Sox are in the World Series. News cycles for a couple of weeks will be dominated by the Sox, and politics will likely take [...]