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A Philadelphian Rest His Hope on Steelers Country

During World War II, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers came together to form the Pennsylvania Steagles. It was about the last time the cities united on anything.
Despite both being Keystone State cities, Philly and Pittsburgh have always been cultural and political rivals. Philly is a Metroliner city founded by English aristocrats that [...]


Massachusetts Electoral Map

Robert David Sullivan is the top expert on political geography in the Bay State, so I’m going to use his “10 Regions of Massachusetts Politics” to interpret Scott Brown’s 52-47% special election win over Martha Coakley today.
Brown’s winning coalition included:
– Stables & Suburbia, “centering on Cape Ann and Essex County”
– Post-Industria, “which takes in the [...]


What You Need to Know about the Massachusetts Electoral Map

A friend of mine who grew up in Boston and Rhode Island IM’ed me today about the special election in  Massachusetts today between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown.  “Not sure where all these MA Republicans came from,” he wrote.
Most people — even most Bay Staters — often think that Massachusetts is a blue across the [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Rudy in Florida Edition

Readers — My apologies for not posting more often this week. I’m going to have an item up each [week]day from here on out. To gets things started off on the right foot, here’s the Electoral Map’s Daily Compass for today.
The big questions this week: Will the sun shine on Rudy Giuliani next [...]