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Morning Reading List – 11 Days to Go

TEM MUST-READ: A detailed account of why North Carolina is a now toss-up. [SOUTHWEST] McCain slips among Hispanic voters. Not a good sign for him in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. [SOUTH] African-American early turnout in the South is 6-10% above black voters’ share of the population. [MAP] McCain boosts spending in Bush states, cuts […]


Schumer Bullish about the Senate Electoral Map

First Read reports: “[Sen. Chuck] Schumer [N.Y.], chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said the DSCC is challenging in 17 of 23 GOP-held seats, including eight he believes Democrats have a solid chance in and nine others where he thinks they can be competitive. […] “Here’s the picture for the DSCC provided by Schumer: […]