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Is the Sun Belt Really In Its “Twilight”?

The AP had a fascinating story yesterday asking, “Has twilight come to the Sun Belt?”  Citing the real estate meltdown, soaring unemployment, budget crises, water shortages and general economic stress, the column echoes Richard Florida’s suggestion that the boom was one “giant Ponzi scheme” and raises the questions:
“[Have we] witnessed the Rise and Fall of [...]


The Scope of GM

General Disarray, Government Motors… call it what you want, but anyway you look at it, the GM bankruptcy is a mess. A new Detroit News map show thats the fallout isn’t going to be limited to just the Motor City:
GM Plants

GM Suppliers

GM Retirees


Weekly Compass: America’s Birthday Edition

Each of these items really deserves its own post, but unfortunately its been a busy week trying to crunch everything in before the three-day weekend.  Enjoy and have a great Fourth.
GEOGRAPHY & DEMOGRAPHICS: Friends of The Electoral Map Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill have launched their superb new site, NewGeography.com, of which TEM is a [...]


Can Obama Woo Back Casey Democrats?

Mark Stricherz had an interesting column in the Washington Post on Sunday explaining how blue-collar, Catholic voters in the Rust Belt have abandon the Democratic Party. The GOP has allied itself with a culturally conservative Catholic Church, which has stepped in and assumed the leadership role in communities that were once dominated by big [...]