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Mapping Strategies: How Candidates Use Maps to Imply Electability

One of the most fascinating use of maps I’ve seen this election cycle was when Rudy Giuliani’s camp constructed hypothetical Electoral College outcomes to push the narrative that he was the most electable candidate. They released four maps, with each one pairing one of the GOP candidates against Hillary Clinton, who in October 2007, [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Nearing Tipping Point Edition

First things first. If you love political geography, you’ll love this article by Joel Kotkin in the Politico on Tuesday: Has Cali’s political sway fizzled?
Now, on to the rest of today’s Electoral Map news:
Potomac Primary Fallout

Virginia will be in play this fall. [Washington Post]
Obama won counties in Virginia as white as a Word document. [Talk [...]


Florida Electoral Map: McCain Swamps Romney in Miami; Hillary Wins Beauty Contest

John McCain beat Mitt Romney by eight points in Pinellas County and six points in Pasco County on his way to a statewide victory Tuesday. McCain’s wins in those two counties, which many analysts suggested would be a barometer of his overall success, pretty much mirrored his 36-31% win over Romney statewide (Map 2).
McCain [...]


Florida Primer: Who Will the Sun Shine on Today?

When I flew down to Jacksonville in late October, 2007 for the Florida-Georgia game (affectionately known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party), I observed a not only a great football game, but many of the different demographic groups that make up Florida at work.
Jacksonville is the Deep South, and so is the panhandle to [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Rudy in Florida Edition

Readers — My apologies for not posting more often this week. I’m going to have an item up each [week]day from here on out. To gets things started off on the right foot, here’s the Electoral Map’s Daily Compass for today.
The big questions this week: Will the sun shine on Rudy Giuliani next [...]


Hanging Chads

This weekend I’m down in Stafford County, Va., which is a quintessential exurban county.  It’s a land of Wal-Mart’s, Chick-fil-A’s and Applebee’s and is growing at a faster pace than the infrastructure can handle, as evidenced by the construction and traffic.  Stafford’s a GOP county, and the presence of Quantico Marine Base will always ensure [...]


It’s “Prediction Time” at National Review Online

The National Review Online team had some fun on Tuesday predicting what the electoral map will look like one year from today.  Here are some highlights:

NRO staff writer David Fredoso: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will lose the presidency to Sen. Hillary Clinton (D).  Clinton will win a 48-percent plurality…. [She] will win by [...]


John McCain Breaks Out the Map

A couple of weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani’s campaign released a series of maps suggesting he has the best shot against Hillary Clinton. The maps indicated that she would start off a base of only 18 electoral votes while Rudy would begin with 210. But, according to these maps, Hillary would start with 190 votes [...]