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Webb Stirs Up a WASP Nest

Never one to back down from a fight, Jim Webb published an interesting column in the Journal on Sunday challenging the “myth of white privilege.”  The article was timed to hit at the crest of discussion over race sparked by the Sherrod episode.
Webb’s major point was that the affirmative action systems designed to lift African-Americans [...]


Obama Could Galvanize Huge Turnout in the South

The New York Times‘ Southern correspondent Adam Nossiter has an interesting article today about how Barack Obama could galvanize hundreds of thousands of African-American votes in the South. He notes that black turnout in the South Carolina primary more than doubled from 2004, to 295,0000, and increased in Georgia from 289,000 four years ago [...]


Campaigns Release Their Game Plans

Politics is full of war metaphors, but both John McCain and the Democrats did something last week that Generals Lee or Patton or Schwarzkopf would have never done: Advertised their game plans to the enemy.
The McCain campaigned announced a tour of archetypical Dem communities such as black villages in Alabama and factory towns in Ohio, [...]


Democrats and a Southwestern Strategy

Simon Rosenberg and Pete Leyden believe that Democrts could be poised for a generation takeover, much in the same way that FDR ushered in a new era in 1932 and Ronald Reagan redrew the map in 1980. In the latest issue of Mother Jones, the two Democratic strategist lay out their blueprint for that new [...]


Mapping U.S. Demographics

I came across a great mapping device today called “US Demographics Visualizer” that’s produced by a company called idvsolutions.  What they do is take Microsoft Virtual Earth software and then layer five measures of demographics over it: population, age, ethnicity, political and income.  So, to give you an example, I took a screen shot of [...]