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The pundits were in total agreement going into New Hampshire that Barack Obama would walk away with a win. In the aftermath, they’re once again on the same page, but this time the pundits are in agreement that they were all wrong — or more accurately, that they were foolish to trust the pollsters, who […]


Does Chicago’s Orbit Extend to Iowa?

Ben Tribbett at the indispensable, insightful and indubitable Not Larry Sabato blog suspects that Barack Obama‘s success in the vote-rich eastern belt of Iowa “had more to do with proximity to Illinois than it did with the candidates.” It’s true that eastern Iowa is very much in Chicago’s orbit. Former Speaker Dennis Haster (R-Ill.), for […]


Red Sox Nation To Put Politics On Hold

NBC/National Journal‘s Mike Memoli makes a great point about the Red Sox effect in New Hampshire: It’ll almost be pointless for the presidential candidates to campaign in the state while the Sox are in the World Series. News cycles for a couple of weeks will be dominated by the Sox, and politics will likely take […]