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Mapping the Most Pro-Palin States

Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight.com looked at the Republican primary electorate in all 50 states and determined which ones are most friendly to Sarah Palin and most hostile to her.  He crunches the numbers on “six variables: fundraising totals to date for SarahPAC, and five demographic and attitudinal variables taken from 2008 exit polls.”
I won’t butcher [...]


New Hampshire Electoral Map

The Washington Post has the best electoral map of New Hampshire but it’s not because it’s anything special. It’s because there isn’t much competition. No Union-Leader map. No Dave Leip map. And as far as I know so far, the only publication that has produced a town-by-town electoral map is The Politico, but [...]


Mapping Out New Hampshire Strategies

The Washington Post has a great feature today called “Political Geography” (which some of you might know was the original name for this blog). The Post provides a map of New Hampshire and explains which pockets of the state each candidate must target in order to do well. According to the Post:

Rudy Giuliani [...]


Full Iowa Caucus Results

Once again, the experts have saved me hours of Photoshopping work. The Des Moines Register has a page with an electoral map flash feature. You can select each candidate, and the map shows which place he or she finished in each of Iowa’s 99 counties.
On the Democratic side, it’s interesting that Barack Obama [...]


Iowa Caucuses Democratic Electoral Map

Well folks, it’s approaching 2:00 a.m. EST, and I’ve only accomplished one map for the Iowa Caucuses — the results by county for Barack Obama.  I’ll post it tonight and then complete the maps for the Romney, Edwards, Clinton and the rest tomorrow.
Barack Obama by County — January, 2008

And just to give you some perspective, [...]