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All Politics is Local… Until There’s a National Vote

Massachusetts became the sixth state today to approve a measure that would award all of its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote.   So far, six blue states with 71 cumulative electoral votes have signed on.
Proponents of the measure argue that every single citizen’s vote should count, not just those [...]


New Hampshire Electoral Map

The Washington Post has the best electoral map of New Hampshire but it’s not because it’s anything special. It’s because there isn’t much competition. No Union-Leader map. No Dave Leip map. And as far as I know so far, the only publication that has produced a town-by-town electoral map is The Politico, but [...]


Hawkeyeing the Iowa Electoral Map

The Iowa caucuses are rapidly approaching and it’s time to turn our attention to the Hawkeye State electoral map. I’m using two great features to follow where the candidates are traveling and where we can predict they’ll do well.
The first feature is Slate’s “Map the Candidates” page, which I’ve mentioned on this blog before. [...]


Catholics Could Redraw the Electoral Map in 2008

The 2008 election could be won or lost on the Catholic vote. There are nearly 70 million Catholics in the United States, according to Mark Penn’s estimates in “Microtrends,” and most of them reside in crucial swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and the Southwest.
More importantly, they have a track record of [...]


Democratic Candidates and the Electoral Map

The Dem campaigns are spending a lot of time talking about about red states, blue states and purple states. Consider these three quotes from the frontrunning campaigns:

Former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.): “When it comes to purple states and red states, and when it comes to blue states, Barack Obama has that crossover appeal that [...]


Indiana is a Red State, Right?

Indiana has been as red as the Hoosiers’ jerseys for 40 years, but a new Indianapolis Star poll suggests the state might be “thinking blue.”

Disillusioned with President Bush’s handling of the war, the economy and immigration, nearly half of likely voters in Indiana appear poised to buck 40 years of tradition and vote for a [...]


What Makes Ron Paul Nation Tick?

Our friend Conn Carroll at The Hotline’s Blogometer has a pretty good guess. He writes:

“Looking at RonPaulGraphs.com’s instant Per Capita Donors (donors per million in population) map, however, we were struck by how closely Paul’s strongest donor states matched up with those where the federal government owns more than 25% of all land. Is [...]


John McCain Breaks Out the Map

A couple of weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani’s campaign released a series of maps suggesting he has the best shot against Hillary Clinton. The maps indicated that she would start off a base of only 18 electoral votes while Rudy would begin with 210. But, according to these maps, Hillary would start with 190 votes [...]


Democrats and a Southwestern Strategy

Simon Rosenberg and Pete Leyden believe that Democrts could be poised for a generation takeover, much in the same way that FDR ushered in a new era in 1932 and Ronald Reagan redrew the map in 1980. In the latest issue of Mother Jones, the two Democratic strategist lay out their blueprint for that new [...]


Is Colorado the New Delaware? The New Missouri?

They used to say that so goes Delaware goes the nation. Well, I’ve never heard that exact saying, but the First State voted for the winning presidential candidate from 1952 to 1996.
It was always a swing state because Delaware, despite what Wayne and Garth said, had a little something of everything — a Northeastern-style [...]