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Happy Second Birthday to TheElectoralMap.com!

Two years ago on Columbus Day weekend (October 10, 2007 to be exact), I launched this blog with a post about the “Columbian Exchange”:
The English who settled at Jamestown are responsible for importing the tobacco plant that would be the economic backbone of mid-Atlantic states for generations (the original plant was weak and bland). They [...]


Next Week will be Big

Regular work duties kept The Electoral Map busy this week, but next week is going to be big. On the docket are two over-arching, in-depth looks at the electoral map.
The first is a look at both Democratic candidates’ arguments about their electability. Hillary Clinton looks like she’d be strong in general election in the Midwest [...]


Politics Online Conference 2008

The Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet is hosting its annual Politics Online Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’m lucky enough to be speaking on the Political Cartography 2.0 panel on Tuesday at 4:15 p.m. If you’re going to be attending the conference, shoot me an email at prottenhoff@gmail.com. If you [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: NASCAR Dads for Hillary

In today’s must-read, The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait looks at the Clintons new-found disdain for latte liberals — the same Silicon Valley and Fairfield County Democrats that they so thoroughly wooed in Bill’s second term. Here’s an excerpt:
“Clinton’s embrace of working-class chic has been a way of making virtue out of necessity. Being the [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Hillary’s Alamo

The Electoral Map’s must-read for the day is this fascinating Washington Post article “Obama’s Red-State Prospects Unclear.” Here’s an excerpt:
“The red states where [Obama] has won have tended to be in the Deep South, where victories were based on overwhelming support from African Americans, or in mostly white states in the Midwest and West, where [...]


The Electoral Map Will Return on February 19

The Electoral Map will be shredding the pow of Jackson Hole, the home of our fearless and magnificent forty-sixth vice president of the United States.
For electoral map news, please see the great stories below and return on Tuesday, February 19. Enjoy your weekend.
– Patrick


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Left Coast Edition

Some interesting developments in the Golden State.

Romney looses all of south Missouri… except for Rush’s home county. [Politico]
California GOP’s Electoral College measure falls short. [Sacramento Bee]
Asian-Americans love Hillary. Who knew? [Salon]
Have Huck and Hill made amends in Arkansas? [Arkansas News]
McCain took 51 of 53 congressional districts in California [Real Clear Politics, Politico, California Secretary of [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: “There Will be Brooms” Edition

Earlier this week, I expected the anti-John McCain factions in the GOP to make one last push. Call it a Battle of the Bulge-type offensive, to use a really bad analogy. Rush Limbaugh was supposed to turn up the heat, Citizens United was reported to be launching an anti-McCain ad buy and Human [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Data Dump Edition

I’m trying the Deadspin style of daily updates today.

Can Democrats continue to encroach on Republican territory? [Democracy Corps]
The most ultimate Super Tuesday geek-out. [Daily Kos]
Speaking of geeks, there’s a video game of presidential primaries. [Game Politics]
The latest “Dems are competitive in the Mountain West!”article. [Christian Science Monitor]
Is Utah really on the political map? [Washington Post]


The Electoral Map Will Return on December 28

Like the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, The Electoral Map is taking some time off from politics next week to enjoy Christmas.
I’ll be on Vieques, an unspoiled and little-known island off of Puerto Rico and the southernmost point of the Bermuda Triangle.  I will be back to post on December 28 just as things [...]