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Map of the Day: Immigration Nation

In Gangs of New York, navitist Bill “the Butcher” Cutting turns to Boss Tweed and scoffs at the newcomers. “I don’t see no Americans. I see trespassers, Irish harps.”
One hundred fifty years later, the debate lives on.
The New York Times has a great map illustrating immigration patterns between 1880 and 2000 (unfortunately it doesn’t include [...]


The Geography of Lincoln and Lee’s Legacies

On President Lincoln’s 200 birthday earlier this month, I posted a map showing that most states who fought for General Lee and the Rebs voted for John McCain, while most states that supported President Lincoln and the Feds chose Barack Obama. Most people know that this is an axiom of modern American politics. [...]


The Electoral Map Daily Compass: Who Won Texas?

The two major discussions in the electoral-map-osphere over the weekend were the debate over SurveyUSA’s 50 state polls that show both Obama and Clinton building winning geographic coalitions over McCain, and Jonathan Martin’s observation that Hillary is running strong in Scots-Irish Appalachia.
If you’re interested in SurveyUSA’s polls check out my post from Friday, complete with [...]