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Florida Electoral Map: McCain Swamps Romney in Miami; Hillary Wins Beauty Contest

John McCain beat Mitt Romney by eight points in Pinellas County and six points in Pasco County on his way to a statewide victory Tuesday. McCain’s wins in those two counties, which many analysts suggested would be a barometer of his overall success, pretty much mirrored his 36-31% win over Romney statewide (Map 2).
McCain [...]


South Carolina Democratic Electoral Map

The AP and the New York Times call it a “rout,” and the Washington Post and Politico describe it as “an overwhelming victory.” Barack Obama won 55 percent in the South Carolina Democratic primary today, taking 44 of 46 counties and receiving more votes than every candidate combined in the 2004 primary.
Obama did it [...]


Hawkeyeing the Iowa Electoral Map

The Iowa caucuses are rapidly approaching and it’s time to turn our attention to the Hawkeye State electoral map. I’m using two great features to follow where the candidates are traveling and where we can predict they’ll do well.
The first feature is Slate’s “Map the Candidates” page, which I’ve mentioned on this blog before. [...]


Democratic Candidates and the Electoral Map

The Dem campaigns are spending a lot of time talking about about red states, blue states and purple states. Consider these three quotes from the frontrunning campaigns:

Former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.): “When it comes to purple states and red states, and when it comes to blue states, Barack Obama has that crossover appeal that [...]


Politico’s “Tracking the Candidates”

John Edwards vowed that he would visit all 99 counties in Iowa before the caucuses were over. Thanks to Politico’s new feature “Tracking the Candidates,” we’ll know whether or not he — or any other candidate — hits that mark.
As part of their “Iowa Ground Game” special report, Politico’s launched a feature that allows [...]


Hanging Chads

This weekend I’m down in Stafford County, Va., which is a quintessential exurban county.  It’s a land of Wal-Mart’s, Chick-fil-A’s and Applebee’s and is growing at a faster pace than the infrastructure can handle, as evidenced by the construction and traffic.  Stafford’s a GOP county, and the presence of Quantico Marine Base will always ensure [...]