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Carrying the Banner for the Three Types of Republicans

Over at The Next Right, my NMS colleague Jon Henke has a post tackling the daunting topic of “The Future of the Right” and identifies three different types of Republicans: Progressive Republicans, Goldwater Republicans and Bush Republicans.
Progressive Republicans (aka: Teddy Roosevelt Republicans) are “generally reliable on limited government, but willing to go off on Big [...]


Super Tuesday II Maps: Hillary Confirms Her Coalition

Hillary Clinton made another first down last night, but it wasn’t enough to put her into the lead. She also reaffirmed the narrative that she has strong support in blue-collar and Latino communities, winning the Rust-Belt state of Ohio by 10 points and the border state of Texas by four.
In Ohio, she took the [...]


Super Tuesday II

The Electoral Map will have Super Tuesday II results as soon as they’re available.  McCain is cruising to big victories in Texas and Ohio, and according to Huck –  who is giving his concession speech as I type this – the Arizona senator “will achieve the 1,191 delegates to become the Republican nominee.”
On the Dem [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Nearing Tipping Point Edition

First things first. If you love political geography, you’ll love this article by Joel Kotkin in the Politico on Tuesday: Has Cali’s political sway fizzled?
Now, on to the rest of today’s Electoral Map news:
Potomac Primary Fallout

Virginia will be in play this fall. [Washington Post]
Obama won counties in Virginia as white as a Word document. [Talk [...]


Virginia Electoral Map

Mike Huckabee took a respectable 41 percent, but John McCain won a 51 percent majority and all of Virginia’s 60 delegates. McCain did it by winning most of the eastern part of Virginia, including the so-called Crescent arching from NoVa to Richmond to Hampton Roads.
As the Times’ margin of victory map shows, McCain racked [...]


Who Will Ben Bradlee Vote For?

Once again, the Washington Post has a great map in its Political Geography feature, except this time it’s even better because the DMV primary (that’s DC-MD-VA) is right in their backyard. This is what the Post says about where the candidates have to do well:

Mike Huckabee needs to win Evangelicals and might find fertile [...]


Super Tuesday Maps

It’s been a busy week, but with the dust settled from Super Tuesday, we now have a clear picture of who won.
On the Democratic side, Barack Obama took 14 states to Hillary Clinton’s eight, although Hillary prevailed in more populous states like California and New York. The result was a near-tie: Hillary won 50.2 [...]


The Show-Me State Comes Through

Missouri takes its politics seriously. Not only has it picked the correct presidential candidate since 1900 (besides 1956), but tonight both the Democratic and Republican contests are too close to call. As all eyes focus on Missouri, the state can be proud that it has one of the best Secretary of State web [...]


Is Oklahoma a Plains or Southern State?

And does it have implications for the John McCain campaign?
The interesting divide here is that McCain won the western, plains part of the state while Mike Huckabee won the eastern part, which might as well be Dixie.
One more thing: McCain won voters older than 45, and Huck won voters younger than 45.
Oklahoma Republican Electoral Map [...]


Huck Looks for the SEC Sweep

From Mike Hucakbee during his press conference:
“It’s tough for this ole Razorback to say things like ‘Roll, Tide, Roll,’ but I’m doing it tonight. And it’s tough for this ole Razorback to look over there at the state just to the East of us and say that ‘We’re, too, Volunteers.’ I think before the [...]