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Map of the Day: Democrats On Notice in Clintonian Belt

One of the best predictors of Democrats’ fortunes in the Fall is the ole Clinton vs. Obama electoral map.  Incumbents in what can be called the Clintonian Belt are on notice.  Last week, 18-year Rep. Alan Mollohan (D) was defeated in a primary in northern West Virginia, a state where Clinton won with 67%.
On Tuesday, [...]


Hillary Releases Mapping Memo Touting Her Electability

Hillary Clinton joined a long list today of candidates touting their electability with maps — Rudy did it; McCain followed; and Obama released his own strange map recently. In each case, the candidates released a series of maps with carefully selected polls showing that they were the strongest general election candidate.
In Hillary’s new [...]


Obama Wins Oregon, Clinton Takes Kentucky

As we expected, Hillary Clinton racked up huge margins of victory in Appalachian Kentucky and along the Ohio River Valley, and Barack Obama won the urban center of Louisville and the college town of Lexington.
Kentucky Electoral Map (New York Times)

In Oregon, a state that the Politico declared was “tailor-made” for Obama, the Illinois senator beat [...]


Karl Rove Thinks Clinton is More Electable Than Obama

Jack Tapper acquired two interesting maps today from the consulting firm of Karl Rove & Co. The first measures John McCain against Barack Obama, and the second pits McCain against Hillary Clinton. Some of the battlegrounds are the usual suspects, but Rove has a few surprises for us.
In the McCain-Obama matchup, Rove has Obama [...]


How the Clinton Campaign Sees the Electoral Map

Rocky Mountain Times‘ Ed Stein has an interesting take at how many armchair pundits see the electoral map.
But isn’t this really how the Clinton campaign sees it? First, Bill dismissed South Carolina because, well, even “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ‘84 and ‘88.” And then Hillary trumpeted her success with “hard-working Americans, [...]


Obama’s North by Northwest Success

Meng Bomin at Daily Kos has a series of phenomenal maps tracking Obama vs. Clinton nationwide. In the map, Obama is blue, Hillary is red and Edwards is green (Edwards appearing only in early primary states).
Some of the demographic trends we know about are apparent — Hillary has dominated Appalachia and Obama has [...]


Wild, Wonderful and Without Many Electoral Votes

Hillary Clinton dropped an interesting stat today. Per Memoli, she told a Clear Fork, W.V. crowd, “Democrats don’t get elected president unless West Virginia votes for you. And everybody knows West Virginia has picked presidents pretty accurately over the last years.” She went on to give John F. Kennedy as an example as [...]


Hillary (Power) Points to Electability

Hillary Clinton’s still trying to convince the super-D’s that she’s more electable.  The latest example is a Power Point presentation that her campaign released on Friday arguing that she is more competitive in battleground congressional districts and would have stronger coattails.  Here’s the full “Winning in the Tough Districts” memo (Internet Explorer only).
Among her points:

Conservative [...]


Hillary Clinton is From Where?

Washington Wire reporter Amy Chozick notes that Clinton has boasted about roots in Scranton, South Texas, the Big Apple, Little Rock, the Golden State and the Midwest. “Even Clinton’s accent occasionally subtly changes from a Southern drawl to a Midwestern twang during some stump speeches.”
Next thing we know she’ll be claiming to be a Cubs [...]


Where, Exactly, Would Obama Expand the Electoral Map?

AEI fellow John Fortier has a fascinating article in the Politico today that takes a deeper look at the CW that Barack Obama would expand the electoral map. I’m part of that camp that believes Obama would put more of the map in play than either Hillary Clinton or John McCain, and I think [...]