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A Winning Investment, A Political Nightmare

The irony of TARP is that is was actually a winning investment for the government. The loans that were provided — and in some cases forced — to banks “are turning out to be net cash positive“┬áin many cases. TARP probably saved the U.S. financial system from an even more aggressive downward spiral, [...]


Obama, Sotomayor and the Urbanism of the Federal Government

Chris Murray at the interesting demographics/politics blog Election Dissection and Burt Solomon, writing in the Post, are just two of the commentators who have taken a look at how SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s experience growing up in the rough-and-tumble housing projects in The Bronx’s Soundview neighborhood shape her outlook on life and consequently her interpretation [...]


The 2008 House Electoral Map

The SideTrack reminds us that CQ has released its 2008 House landscape maps. As an alumni of National Journal, the Electoral Map won’t give CQ too much praise, but these are damn fine maps.
And if you’re looking for a great resource to supplement these maps and tell the story behind each district, the absolutely [...]