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Amber Waves of Grain… and Soybeans, and Chickens

“Knee-high by the fourth of July,” is yardstick most American farmers measure their corn by.  Corn is still America’s No.1 crop and is still as powerful force in politics, as evidenced by pretty much every presidential candidate’s embrace of ethanol.  Many-a-White House hopeful have sung its praises at Sen. Harkin’s annual steak fry.
But as my [...]


In Politics, Sometimes It’s Good To Be A Waffler

One of the best parts of working in politics is the food. Many lucky reporters, operatives, and candidates have taken down Maytag blue cheeseburgers in Newton, fried clams at Ray’s in Rye (h/t Gagnon), chowdah at Petey’s in Rye (h/t JB), pulled pork at Hudsons in Lexington (h/t Hamby), shrimp & grits at the [...]


Morning Reading List – 12 Days To Go

The Big Ten Battleground Poll has Obama sweeping from Happy Valley to the Metrodome.
The Q-Poll has Obama up in the Big 3 and leading by double-digits in Buckeyes and Nittany Lions country.
Robert David Sullivan releases his 10 regions of American Politics in 2008.
Charlie Mathesian maps out McCain’s victory in the Keystone State.
An Obama internal shows [...]


Happy Columbian Exchange Day

As The Hotline so succinctly put it on Friday, “Say what you will about Columbus, he found us a day off.”
It goes without saying that he’s also responsible for a lot more. National Geographic had a great article in May 2007 about how Columbus’ discovery of the New World sparked unprecedented changes in ecosystems [...]