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Tea Party Caucus Officially More Southern and Western

Michelle Bachmann might hail from the Land of the North Star, but most of the members of the Tea Party Caucus that she formed last week represent the southern and western wing of the Republican House delegation.
The geographic center of gravity for the Tea Party Caucus — or the average geographical location of the hometowns [...]


Stoking Democratic Fears In Coal Country

Cook’s Dave Wasserman co-wrote this with me for today’s issue of National Journal.  Hope you enjoy.
Democrats’ sorrows in Appalachia aren’t new. But the party’s decline in Buchanan County, Va., which is tucked into the corner where the commonwealth bumps into West Virginia and Kentucky, is a prime illustration of how Democratic fortunes in the [...]


Attitude and Longitude of the Blue Dogs

The Blue Dogs have been in the news a lot recently mostly because they’re the pivotal voting block on the health care legislation, and they’ve been particularly talked about by the Kos Kidz and all of the liberal blogs who are busting out poll after poll measuring support of the public option in Blue Dog [...]