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Stoking Democratic Fears In Coal Country

Cook’s Dave Wasserman co-wrote this with me for today’s issue of National Journal.  Hope you enjoy.
Democrats’ sorrows in Appalachia aren’t new. But the party’s decline in Buchanan County, Va., which is tucked into the corner where the commonwealth bumps into West Virginia and Kentucky, is a prime illustration of how Democratic fortunes in the [...]


Southern Piedmont: Where NASCAR Meets the NASDAQ

When Andrew Jackson roamed the hills of the Carolinas, northern Georgia and eastern Tennessee, it was still frontier, and for generations the southern Piedmont remained economically and culturally isolated.  Today, however, Old Hickory might be surprised to learn what this area has become.
Atlanta, a railroad junction with a few thousand souls before the Civil War, [...]


More on Obama’s Appalachian Problems

This article is a week old, Jonathan Tilove’s “Obama’s Is an Appalachia Problem, Not a Whites Problem” is probably the best analysis I’ve seen so far about the Illinois senator’s problems in Appalachia. He has many good anecdotes and quotes, but here’s a quick clip:
“These are the people whose ancestors lived and fought along [...]