Introducing The Electoral Map 2.0

I'm restarting this blog after about three years of it being idle and a couple attempts at two other sites, Otter's America and Political Geography.  I started the other sites because I never thought the name The Electoral Map fully captured what I was trying to write about, which isn't just politics, but the broader geography of America. 

6/11/15, Washington, DC


Introducing Otter’s America

This blog is the successor to The Electoral Map.

This blog is about cool stuff in America – the politics, geography, history, sports, food, and economics of America.

I’m going to write about everything from the best ballpark food in America to the politics of Louisiana to the debt ceiling debate.


Patrick, 8/13/11, Atherton, CA 


About the Electoral Map

The Electoral Map is a blog at the intersection of politics and geography. We believe that maps tell the story behind the votes -- the culture, economics, demographics, history, food, sports and the stories that influence the map.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what we’re doing right and doing wrong and feel free to contact me at