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Electoral Map Daily Compass: NASCAR Dads for Hillary

In today’s must-read, The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait looks at the Clintons new-found disdain for latte liberals — the same Silicon Valley and Fairfield County Democrats that they so thoroughly wooed in Bill’s second term. Here’s an excerpt:
“Clinton’s embrace of working-class chic has been a way of making virtue out of necessity. Being the [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Beers and Brats Edition

Rocky Mountain Way

Barry Goldwater’s state is trending blue. [Reid Wilson]
McCain has a strong hand in the Rocky Mountain West. [Washington Post]

Here in Youngstown

Who won the “snowmobilers, bowlers, deer hunters and Packer fans?” [Salon's Edward McClellan]
White blue-collar men are the swing vote in the Dem primary. [Wall Street Journal]

Applebee’s America

Exurban blight in California. [Los Angeles Times]
Housing [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Nearing Tipping Point Edition

First things first. If you love political geography, you’ll love this article by Joel Kotkin in the Politico on Tuesday: Has Cali’s political sway fizzled?
Now, on to the rest of today’s Electoral Map news:
Potomac Primary Fallout

Virginia will be in play this fall. [Washington Post]
Obama won counties in Virginia as white as a Word document. [Talk [...]


Electoral Map Daily Compass: Post-Super Bowl, Pre-Super Tuesday Edition

A lot of stuff to cover today.

Each of the frontrunning GOP candidates has a primary in his home state tomorrow. [Politico]
Romney could win the popular vote in California, but loose the delegate count to McCain [The Barrometer]
It’s almost certain that Obama and Hillary will tie California’s delegates. [Trailhead]
Hillary gives Patriots fans a kick in the [...]


Collapse of the Empire State

New York’s presence once loomed so large over America that it crowned itself the Empire State. Today, New York has fallen behind California and Texas in population and is in danger of dropping behind Florida. As its influence ebbs, the Empire State is losing electoral clout as an unprecedented rate.
According to Census Bureau estimates [...]