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Map of the Day: You Thought Incumbency Protection in the U.S. was Bad?

British Liberal Democrat Mark Pack notes that if you’re under age 40, “nearly half the seats in the [U.K.] have never changed hands since you were born.”  He has a companion map showed that 31 seats haven’t changed parties since 1895.
Even though we often complain about a lack of competitive seats here in the States, [...]


Obama Running Ahead of Kerry in 41 States

Governing.com’s Josh Goodman has a good look at how Barack Obama is running ahead of where John Kerry was four years ago today in 41 states, according to data from Pollster.com.
It’s not surprising considering that Bush is about as popular as the Dallas Cowboys at a Redskins game and considering the fact that Obama makes [...]


Georgia Wants to Redraw Border with Tennessee

It’s always been about “states’ rights” in the South. This time, Georgia state legislators say they have the right to water from the Tennessee River, citing a faulty 1818 survey that placed the Georgia-Tennessee border over a mile south of where it should be.
The border should have been set at the 35th parallel, but according [...]


Huck Looks for the SEC Sweep

From Mike Hucakbee during his press conference:
“It’s tough for this ole Razorback to say things like ‘Roll, Tide, Roll,’ but I’m doing it tonight. And it’s tough for this ole Razorback to look over there at the state just to the East of us and say that ‘We’re, too, Volunteers.’ I think before the [...]


Mormon Backlash down South?

Via Jonathan Martin.

Romney is lagging far behind McCain and Huck in the rural counties.
But he’s winning the suburbs and exurbs around Nashville and Atlanta. Places like Forsyth Co (GA) and Williamson Co (TN).
Why the difference?
As anybody from these states can tell you, these areas are demographically different than everywhere else.
They’re conservative and reliably Republican, but [...]