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Obama Running Ahead of Kerry in 41 States

Governing.com’s Josh Goodman has a good look at how Barack Obama is running ahead of where John Kerry was four years ago today in 41 states, according to data from Pollster.com.
It’s not surprising considering that Bush is about as popular as the Dallas Cowboys at a Redskins game and considering the fact that Obama makes [...]


Battleground Dispatches

IOWA: Des Moines Register’’s Beaumont reports that the Obama camp has 15 offices open in the Hawkeye State and plans to have 20 by the Fall, “while McCain is still plotting where to locate about half as many.”
McCain has never built an organization here.  Is there any way he can win Iowa?
MICHIGAN: You thought 20 [...]


South Dakota and Montana Electoral Maps

Once again, Nick Beaudrot comes through with some of the best and sharpest electoral maps in the blogosphere.  Since I’ve never been to South Dakota and I’ve only visited the ski towns of northwest Montana, I’ll leave the analysis with Nick:
Dissecting the Mt. Rushmore State primary, he notes “Obama didn’t win the counties that include [...]