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The Electoral Map Daily Compass 8.14

Three must-reads today:
Karl Rove identifies the four key battleground states in the Wall Street Journal. The Journal is behind a subscription wall, so I’ll give you some hints: two of the states are on the Hayes-Schembechler axis, one state is home to both Red Rocks and the Air Force Academy and one state invaded [...]


SurveyUSA Releases Polls in 50 States

SurveyUSA released a series of polls in all 50 states on Thursday that measure both John McCain against Hillary Clinton and McCain against Barack Obama. The results should be taken with a grain of salt considering SurveyUSA uses robocalls instead of live people, but the results are still fascinating.
The key takeaway is that either [...]


Catholics Could Redraw the Electoral Map in 2008

The 2008 election could be won or lost on the Catholic vote. There are nearly 70 million Catholics in the United States, according to Mark Penn’s estimates in “Microtrends,” and most of them reside in crucial swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and the Southwest.
More importantly, they have a track record of [...]


Do Democrats Still Have Room for Growth in the Northeast?

CQ Weekly suspects that the Northeast could still be “fertile ground” for Democrats.

The Northeast, which has long stood out as the nation’s least conservative region, produced the biggest bonanza for the Democrats in their surge to a House majority last year: 11 of the 30 seats the party took from the GOP were in the [...]


It’s “Prediction Time” at National Review Online

The National Review Online team had some fun on Tuesday predicting what the electoral map will look like one year from today.  Here are some highlights:

NRO staff writer David Fredoso: “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will lose the presidency to Sen. Hillary Clinton (D).  Clinton will win a 48-percent plurality…. [She] will win by [...]


Mapping U.S. Demographics

I came across a great mapping device today called “US Demographics Visualizer” that’s produced by a company called idvsolutions.  What they do is take Microsoft Virtual Earth software and then layer five measures of demographics over it: population, age, ethnicity, political and income.  So, to give you an example, I took a screen shot of [...]