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America’s Next Oil Boom State Will Be…

North Dakota.
The USGS recently upgraded its estimates of recoverable oil in the Bakken Formatoin in North Dakota (and northern Montana and Saskatchewan) to 4.3 billion barrels.  To put that in perspective, the entire United States, including Alaska and the Gulf, produced 1.7 billion barrels in 2005.
Oil companies have reportedly known about the formation since the [...]


Obama Running Ahead of Kerry in 41 States

Governing.com’s Josh Goodman has a good look at how Barack Obama is running ahead of where John Kerry was four years ago today in 41 states, according to data from Pollster.com.
It’s not surprising considering that Bush is about as popular as the Dallas Cowboys at a Redskins game and considering the fact that Obama makes [...]


New Outlook in North Dakota?

When the Obama camp announced that it was going to make a play for North Dakota, a lot of people scoffed. I, for one, was skeptical.
But then we all started taking a look at the ROI — the fact that the Obama camp could throw relative pennies at the state and win enough votes [...]


Obama Running Ads in Red States Where the GOP is Slipping

The Obama camp began airing ads today in seventeen battleground states, some of which are typical swing states and some of which are designed “to sort of drive McCain and Republicans crazy,” as Chuck Todd put it on “Meet.” The strategy being that Obama has no chance of winning Georgia, but it’ll keep the McCain [...]


Obama’s Anti-Kerry Strategy = Genius

In an interview with Politico’s Ben Smith published this morning, Obama field director Steve Hildebrand vowed that their team would be spending a lot of time and money in Bush country this Fall. He named 14 red states, some of which were close in 2004 and some of which Kerry didn’t even consider, and [...]