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Bayhing Some Time

Sen. Evan Bayh, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, suggested a new way for the superdelegates to consider whom they should support in the Democratic battle.  Speaking on CNN’s “Late Edition” on Sunday, the Indiana Democratic proposed that they should decide based on the Electoral College votes of the states that each candidate won.  The New [...]


SurveyUSA Releases Polls in 50 States

SurveyUSA released a series of polls in all 50 states on Thursday that measure both John McCain against Hillary Clinton and McCain against Barack Obama. The results should be taken with a grain of salt considering SurveyUSA uses robocalls instead of live people, but the results are still fascinating.
The key takeaway is that either [...]


Bloomberg’s Electoral Map

The New York Sun suggests Mayor Michael Bloomberg could tally a whopping 312 electoral votes — landslide territory.
“States rich in electoral votes, such as New York, California, and Florida, could be Mayor Bloomberg’s for the taking if he jumps into the presidential race next year as an independent candidate, political professionals say.“Mr. Bloomberg, a billionaire [...]


California GOP Electoral Vote Initiative Dies

The L. A. Times reports that the GOP initiative to distribute California’s electoral votes by congressional district won’t make the June, 2008 ballot.
“A proposed initiative that drew national attention for its potential to affect next year’s presidential election will not appear on the June ballot, organizers said Thursday.
“Republican backers of the measure, which could have [...]


Hanging Chads 11.21.07

I’m off for Thanksgiving to Kane County, Ill., which is Chicago’s version of our Loudoun County in Virginia.  For those of you who don’t know Loudoun, it’s a county where subdivisions and strip malls have quickly replaced farmland in the last 15 years.
Kane is also the easternmost county in retiring former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s 14th [...]


Hanging Chads

This weekend I’m down in Stafford County, Va., which is a quintessential exurban county.  It’s a land of Wal-Mart’s, Chick-fil-A’s and Applebee’s and is growing at a faster pace than the infrastructure can handle, as evidenced by the construction and traffic.  Stafford’s a GOP county, and the presence of Quantico Marine Base will always ensure [...]