Hyde Park on the Potomac?

The old quip about Obama’s home neighborhood of Hyde Park is that it is a community of blacks and whites, living together, united against the poor. The premise of the joke is of course that it’s a diverse community of high-income liberals. While Hyde Park is certainly unique in the American landsccape, it turns out that Obama’s old home and new home actually have a lot in common in terms of voting patterns.

inoljt at Polikalblog crunched the numbers and found that the District, which is among the most-educated and highest-income cities in America, also might be the most pro-Obama major city in America, regardless of race. 

Two key stats: -- San Francisco gave Obama 84%; Washington gave him 93% -- Washington is 54% black and gave Obama 93%, Montgomery, AL is 53% black and gave Obama 59%.

The two maps below show race in D.C. and the electoral map of Clinton vs. Obama.  To be sure, there is a correlation between race and preference for Obama, but don’t be fooled: Obama won all 142 precincts in the District in both the primary and the general.

So if you're looking for a good place to find the president's base, a good place to start is probably U Street.

DC Race Map

DC Primary Vote in 2008