32,000 Vote Shift in Duval County, FL

Duval County (Jacksonville) is a place of some strange happenings — it has the only Northern-flowing major river in America for instance — but check out its bizarro voting shifts.  In 2004, Bush won 58-42% there; he won 220K votes to John Kerry’s 158K.

But in 2008, the county split about 50-50%.  McCain won 188K votes and Obama took 186K — that’s a 32,000 vote shift.

That could be two things at work: Either A) energized African-Americans, or B) a depressed Republican base.  But in my experience with Jacksonville, there aren’t a lot of swing voters there.  It’s not very suburban, where I think most swing voters live, and it’s very Southern (read: racially polarized on voting preferences).

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  1. Jason

    10 November 2008 at 9:31 PM

    Both the San Joaquin River of CA and the Red River of the North are longer than the St. John’s. The San Joaquin travels through a more populous area and is probably more economically important, as it waters much of the extremely productive agricultural land in the Central Valley. The Red River of the North is almost twice as long as the St. John’s.