Electoral Map Daily Compass: NASCAR Dads for Hillary

In today's must-read, The New Republic's Jonathan Chait looks at the Clintons new-found disdain for latte liberals -- the same Silicon Valley and Fairfield County Democrats that they so thoroughly wooed in Bill's second term. Here's an excerpt:

"Clinton's embrace of working-class chic has been a way of making virtue out of necessity. Being the blue-collar candidate has enabled Clinton to portray herself as grittier and more real than Obama, and to suggest that her base is more authentically American than his. During the Bush era, conservatives endlessly gloated that their party consisted of salt-of-the-earth, beer- swilling, NASCAR-loving Real Americans while Democrats represented Starbucks- drinking cosmopolitan snobs. Clinton's campaign has inherited this cultural mythology."

In other electoral map news:

  • Vermont's the latest state to consider awarding its Electoral College votes to whomever wins the national popular vote. [Burlington Free Press]
  • "Obamacans" -- disillusioned Republicans who support Obama -- could tip the Texas primary. [Austin American-Statesmen]
  • Chris Cillizza channels Tom Schaller and is the latest to cast doubts on Obama's red state appeal. [The Fix]
  • Waldo Jaquith chronicles the rise and fall of the Republican Party of Virginia. [Waldo Jaquith]
  • Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) tell a GOP crowd that "Virginia is a purple state." [Mason Conservative]
  • The history of cartograms, which is the process of skewing geographic areas to fit data sets. [Making Maps, h/t The Map Room]
  • Lastly, Strange Maps shows us Thomas Jefferson's plan for the Northwest Territories. If this map was approved, what would the electoral map look like today? All other things equal, which states would be blue and which ones red?

Jefferson's Plan for the Territories

Jefferson’s Plan for the Territories